I’m back..kind of

This poor neglected site of mine ..the last time I posted here in 2014 was right around now give or take a week or 2 ..and it was at the cusp of many many changes headed my way. I am still concocting gluten free food ..taking inspiration from places I’ve traveled to,  things I’ve eaten and yeah not going to lie..Pinterest…I just have not shred anything for a long time. There are pictures in the cloud that I will get around to sharing ..but first, indulge me while I explain my absence (does this count as a note?)

Of all the changes in my life since I was here last the most challenging one is my health took a rather nasty turn in the wrong direction. What started off as a sore neck as the result of sleeping in the wrong position (or so I thought) ..turned into something more complicated and life altering in the form of pericarditis with a rather decent sized effusion (pocket of fluid) in the pericardial sac ..to also include effusions in both of my lungs making breathing a challenge. The cause initially was chalked up to a virus since just a week or so previous to my symptoms appearing I had been sick. 3 days of recovery ..was later bumped to 3 weeks..and when I was not better they said wait 6 months and now 6 years later here we are. Eventually I switched physicians and hospitals and the cause was determined as systemic Lupus which was a gamer changer with its own life altering implications . A lousy diagnosis but at least we have a reason and can work with that. The recovery process has  been slow and taken a toll on every aspect of my life but I see this as life altering not life ending . I am getting better ..and the original symptoms have eased up..although not entirely gone..or it may be possible that I have lived for the past 6 years like this and I am just tolerant to the pain ..either way I am  a far more productive human being than I was even 3 years ago. The other challenges? The normal things that just about everyone can relate to ..house, kids, dogs ..not enough worthy of detailing. I will mention that although I was not the person in my family with celiac or who for whom a GF diet was necessary ..it is possible that I myself will begin limiting gluten as a way to bring my sky high inflammation markers down and help manage my symptoms better going forward.

So now that is out of the way..I have been cooking, creating, and taking pictures..Oh and idd I mention traveling? I just have not possessed the brain power to get this site up and running again..but it’s a new year..a new decade and time to get on with living and get rid of the hundreds of pictures of my food creations taking up space on my phone.

I have an idea that I might incorporate into this site..only problem is I have not a clue how to set up a proper website ..not my area of expertise shall we say ..but once I figure this out I think it may work out as a good addition to what I tried to accomplish here

In the meantime ..Today was one of those days when I opened the fridge and freezer and realized there is food in desperate need of cooking..and I need to stop buying things because they are on sale and hoping to get around to making something with said food. I had 2 packages of butternut squash rice staring at me..daring me to cook them ..and I decided to make a butternut squash “risotto”..you know using the riced veggies vs aborio rice..I will make a separate post because the results were less than stellar..I do have an idea to improve my first attempt ..but other things got in the way..things like making a banana cream pie for my husband ( I don’t do banana anything) this was not GF ..and I wish I liked the stuff..graham cracker crust, a layer of chocolate fudge (made by me) a banana, cream cheese and homemade whipped cream filling and the idea of eating it ..yeah no…I also made a cheeseburger pizza that was definitely not a fail



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I am trying to figure it all out finally after the age of 40. I have spent the past twenty years being a mom, a wife, a friend, a student and now a writer.

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